Secret Redstone House 2.0!

Unspeakable begins by saying he has a second channel called proper dummies (go check it out at YouTube). He then mentions the grass underneath him contains a secret redstone house that he must take an elevator to enter. He then gives a shout out to the creator Euclides, showcasing the base which contain the following things:

  • Furnace
  • Nether Portal
  • Shulker boxes to store things
  • Armour stand
  • Bedspace with ender chest
  • Chicken farms
  • Ender pearls
  • Anvil
  • Crafting table
  • XP Farm
  • Automatic Brewing stand
  • Rainbow beacon.

Afterwards Unspeakable explains there is another storey but in the other room. There is not as much stuff as the first room but there’s still the following:

  • Trading room
  • An end portal
  • Chest room
  • Automatic pumpkin
  • Chicken farm.

Please enjoy the video!



Super Mario in Minecraft

Youtuber: Unspeakable feat It’sMooseCraft and Saber

Swearing: NONE

Length: 22 minutes

Unspeakable and his friends play minecraft on the Nintendo switch for the first time. When they spawn Moose burns Saber’s  house, then they see a portal. Then they jump in the portal which sends them to this super Mario map with nothing. Unspeakable gets really exited and wants to go on an adventure in the super Mario lands. Unspeakable Saber and Moose get confused what stuff is because of the texture pack. They have no idea what to do in the map so Unspeakable suggests we explore it.

Then while running around different biomes of Mario related stuff Moose gets attacked by a polar bear and it’s baby. Moose Unspeakable and Saber find all kind’s of Mario like animals and go crazy about it. Eventually they find a underground secret lair full of parcour. After all that they find a gigantic  ship and a cannon they shoot themselves up onto the ship. Please enjoy the video.