Crazy Gun Mod



LENGH: 10:48m

The video that you are about to watch has DanTDM talk all about a mod(mod showcase)

The mod is called ‘Mob Guns’ in this video DanTDM talk and explain about this mod can do. the mod is about guns that shoot out your favourite animals like the wither a pig a sheep  a cow squid a zombie a creeper a chicken and a enderman and a blaze and even a DanTDM gun but that’s not it there’s many more. There are twenty two different types of mod guns in this mod.

A mod is a thing you download and send to your minecraft world. Mods can contain anything you want all you have to do is install it. You can pick out of the thousands of mods you can pick whatever you like.

Back to the mod, in the mod the strongest gun is the DanTDM gun and the weakest gun is the chicken gun witch does only two damage. I hope you like the video.



Crazy Cool Parrots

Youtuber: DanTDM
Swearing: None
Length: 12 Minutes

DanTDM downloads an amazing mod where Parrots enter the Minecraft world. DanTDM sees and island from where his standing on, then he explains in the tree he is standing on there is a block which contains the new mod. The mod is parrots! You can tame the parrots by giving them cookies. You can have the parrots sit on your shoulder by hitting them you can have up to two parrots on your shoulder at once. Parrots warn you when tamed when a hostile mob is around by mimicking the sound. parrots spawn in jungles, there are another type of parrot there are the concrete parrot. In Dan’s opinion parrots are really cool and fun. I hope you enjoy the video.