DanTDM’s First Minecraft Bedwars Adventure

Youtuber: DanTDM
Swearing: None
Length: 17 Minutes

The infamous youtuber DanTDM dips his toes into these bedwars capers for the first time. You may already know the hilarious Dan from his videos on Roblox, Minecraft and other small computer games. Anyway in this video Dan explores the world of Bedwars where there are two players on each team who are trying to destroy the opposing teams beds. If you die and your bed has been destroyed you will not re-spawn and you lose the game.

Each teams base includes generators, that spawn iron and gold allowing you to upgrade your weapons and armour. The last team standing is the winner, unfortunately in this Video that team never happens to be Dan’s but his commentary and constant surprises make for enjoyable viewing nonetheless. Enjoy the video.